Your Online Marketing Business Profile Can Increase Your Sales With That Personal Connection

Let’s start hard and fast and I’ll state upfront that this is for the average Joe and Jane who want to start their own online marketing business.You MUST always keep these statements in mind when it comes to your online marketing business:You Are Always Selling Yourself On The Internet!Because:You Are Your Business!Another important factor to consider: A person is going to read this, a human being that you would like to turn into a buying customer, not an employer!Online Marketing Business: Why Your ‘About Page’ Is Very ImportantYour ‘About Page’ is very important as people want to know WHO they are doing business with, WHO they are buying from, so they know they can trust that person and also that person has at least some credibility and authority regarding the subject matter that the products or services you are offering are based upon.For An Online Marketing Business What Is Credibility, Authority And Being An Expert?Let’s look at the word ‘Expert’The word ‘Expert’ is one of those words that have a wide variety of interpretations. One person’s ‘Expert’ might be another person’s buffoon.What determines an ‘Expert’ is based upon each individual’s interpretation of the word and how they personally view the person it is being applied to.You might be asking yourself, “Who am I to say I am an expert or an authority?”My reply is, “Who’s to say you’re not?”Online Marketing Business: Subjective Versus Objective; Opinions Versus FactsIt is important to understand that words like ‘Expert,’ ‘Best’ and ‘Top’ are opinions not statements of fact.You’ll often hear the phrase: ‘To Establish Yourself As An Authority’ and you need to understand that the words ‘An Authority’ are subjective; an opinion.Basically think of ‘Subjective’ as being an opinion and ‘Objective’ being a fact.Online Marketing Business: The Importance Of Establishing That Personal ConnectionLet me back up a bit and present you with the idea of creating a personal connection when you are writing about yourself for your ‘Bio’ or ‘Profile’ to put on the ‘About Page’ on your website.All of you have knowledge and personal experience, or will develop knowledge and personal experience, about the subject matter or the ‘Target Market’ of your online marketing businessYour Personal Experience Is Unique To You And Is Your And Yours Alone!Most people searching the internet don’t want to purchase a 200 page college level textbook. The majority of people want a sufficient amount of information but what they really want is to have it presented in ‘Laymen’s Terms’ that they can easily understand!Your personal experience can allow you to offer a unique perspective which will finally allow someone to really understand something they could not quite grasp before.We’ve all had the experience of “Wow! I never thought of it like that!” or “I never would have thought of looking at it that way!”More importantly, we’ve all had the experience of never quite really getting something even though it has been explained to us numerous times before but someone gives us their perspective on it, puts it another way and suddenly we think, “Eureka! Now I get it! Why didn’t someone explain it like that to me before?”Online Marketing Business: Be Yourself! You Do Have Something To Offer!It is important that you realize your profile does not have to be a full-fledged, awesome, fact filled biography loaded with impressive business credentials showing years of study and attendance at 3 or 4 major universities or ‘places of concentrated study’ and that you were a guest speaker at several major conferences.Like I said, you do have you do have something unique to offer and that is your personal experience and your perspective and how you write about these aspects.So feel free to use any word that is ‘Subjective’ and while you might feel intimidated and uncomfortable at first, you’ll grow more confident and relaxed as far as how you want to present yourself on your ‘About Page’ as you move along plus you can always add to or change it at anytime.Words like ‘Incredible’ / ‘Top’ / ‘Guru’ / ‘Best’ / ‘Empire’ are words that are not factual and not specifically and clearly defined as they are opinions.For example: The word ‘Empire’ can be someone’s living room, a business doing a billion dollars are year with a final, free and clear profit of 50 million, to someone with 2 products they are selling on the internet that gave them gross sales of $2,000 last year.
To better understand the difference there is a great explanation here and please notice the word ‘Marketing’ is used: reason I put so much time in this is people get so uptight and uncomfortable using these ‘Impressive’ sounding words when it really is okay and perfectly fine.For an online marketing business it’s done all the time. It’s marketing!
Online Marketing Business: Finding A BalanceNow I am not saying go out and be deceptive, but do not handcuff yourself either.Most of you will downplay yourself too much while a few others will go overboard with this concept.So don’t portray yourself as a god, but don’t short change yourself and think you need to have worked on one specific thing full-time for 3 years before you can mention it in your profile.It is who you are with your personal experiences that will get people, the visitors or prospective buyers to your website, to identify with you and connect with you.The ‘Real You’ might turn off some people but other people, and it could actually be a minority of the visitors to your website, might identify with you in such a strong manner that you have a much better chance of converting them into repeat visitors and then into buyers.And remember, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.The last point is whether you chose a more ‘Personal Style’ versus a ‘Business’ or ‘Professional Attitude’ will depend on your personality and the subject matter of your online marketing business.Online Marketing Business: Be Yourself And Write From You To Them As Honestly As You CanThe main idea is you want to present yourself in an honest fashion so that you can connect with your visitors and they will identify with you.Being yourself is much easier in the long run but keep in mind you are running an online marketing business and the marketing part is important as well! You are promoting yourself and your product or service in order to convince people to buy them from you so that you make money.So just find your personal balance between being you and adding in some theater and showmanship to create that ‘Wow’ factor and a little excitement to start to trigger that emotional buying impulse.Despite all the competition you might face there are millions and millions of people on the web and there are enough of them out there that you can get to identify with you because they have had personal experiences similar to yours.These people will have more confidence in someone like you because they feel it is someone who is telling it like it is, who has been there, done that, and honestly knows what it feels like.This leads to trust, which leads to credibility, which leads to sales!