Tapping Into the Power of Online Marketing in Bellingham Washington

Online marketing in Bellingham Washington is a cost-effective way for local businesses to connect with residents, college students, and tourists. Tucked away in the Northwest region of the state, this locale is ripe for innovative and technologically advanced marketing methods.Integrating online marketing in Bellingham Washington can provide multiple benefits. The diverse culture of residents includes students, activists, environmentalists, adventurists, families, and retirees.Bellingham residents tend to be techno-savvy and utilize the Internet and Smartphones for everything from locating businesses to ordering take-out food. Companies can capitalize on this market by embracing a variety of online marketing strategies geared toward consumer needs.Numerous Bellingham business owners use online marketing to not only market their products, but also to build relationships within the community. Tom Smith, a hairstylist at Mikols Salon on James Street recently used online strategies to let homeless residents know they could obtain free haircuts at the Lighthouse Mission.Mary Jensen gained notoriety for her dumpster-diving volunteer efforts to keep items out of Whatcom County landfills. Jensen connects businesses that are tossing out office supplies and equipment with non-profits in needs of the items being thrown away.Trudy Scherting, founder of Moka Joe uses online marketing to sell fair trade organic beans and to let the community known about her philanthropic endeavors. Not only does Scherting donate to Dorothy Place, a safe haven in Bellingham for women and children of domestic violence, she also roasts coffee beans for the Coffee for Clean Water program that raises funds for water purification systems in third world countries.The most efficient way to implement online marketing is to work with a marketing consultant and develop a strategic plan. There are multiple facets to creating an online presence and it is easy to become overwhelmed. Working with professionals familiar with Bellingham can minimize risks and maximize return on investment.The first step of online marketing is deciding which strategies to include. At minimum Bellingham companies need to have a website. This venue is the foundation for providing company information, developing customer trust, selling products and services, and developing a subscriber list.It can be helpful to visit the official Bellingham website and peruse the member directory to see what competitors are doing. This region is rich with breweries and wineries, art galleries, health spas, lodging facilities, and outdoor activity providers. Many companies in this region utilize a variety of techniques including videos, podcasts, and social media marketing.Social media marketing can be a powerful weapon in advertising arsenals. Everyone knows it’s much easier to sell products and services once relationships are established. Social marketing was designed to help companies become more ‘social’ with consumers.It can be advantageous to connect with competitors and like-minded businesses through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Bellingham businesses often use this venue to develop joint ventures. However, connecting with residents and tourists is the primary goal, so efforts should focus on delivering what consumers are looking for, whether it is products or information.There is an art to engaging in social media marketing, so it can be advantageous to consult with an expert in this field. With the right knowledge and effective ad campaigns, Bellingham companies can launch their business to a new level with the help of the community.A relatively new, but powerful marketing strategy is that of mobile marketing. Bellingham has a dense population of college students whose lives depend on cell phones. Students use their phones to search for restaurants, retail stores, movie showings, weekend happenings, and local businesses through local search directories.Local search Bellingham Washington is a dominant medium because it lets people easily locate community businesses and activities. Local search directory providers publish company information, hours of operation, website URL, and let owners provide special promotions. Additionally, directories provide the option of receiving customer reviews.In addition to publishing at major local listing directories, companies should seek out niche directories such as BellinghamDirect.info and Bellingham.AreaConnect.com. Publishing to directories can be a labor-intensive process, but the benefits are worth the effort. It can be advantageous to outsource this project to freelancers or marketing company.Many people find online marketing an overwhelming task. The reality is this type of marketing requires a dedicated team capable of developing, implementing and tracking multiple strategies. Those who do not have time to dedicate to the task will find it beneficial to outsource projects to an advertising agency.Those with desire to embrace online marketing in the Bellingham Washington market must become educated about the different strategies and how to maximize results. Online marketing is a powerful weapon that can launch any business to a new level, as long as it is correctly performed.