Free Online Marketing Strategies

For many, running an effective online marketing campaign can be expensive as most marketing strategies require knowledge and ultimately, money. Marketing is made even more difficult if you are a start up business with limited budget. With small budget, instead of looking for better things ahead, you are looking at problems that may prevent you from really taking off and doing well in your online business. However, you have to realize that there are free online marketing strategies that work to supplement your existing marketing campaign. Yes, the word is “supplement” because if you want your business to grow, a considerable amount of investment is required, even if it is online. That said, here are free online marketing strategies that will help your business to gain traction:Article marketing. One of the most popular free online marketing strategies is article distribution. While this seems to be time consuming on your part, it will help your business one-hundredfold. Quality articles contribute to brand image. They also help in improving your search engine ranking as well as your online presence. And most importantly, articles that contain backlinks to your site helps generate a much desired boost in traffic.Social marketing. This is another free online marketing strategy you can employ. Social marketing focuses on building presence and promoting your business on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. People spend more time on social networking sites (and video sharing sites) than in any other websites. This gives you instant access to free traffic. Plus, if you are using Facebook, your existing network can already help you generate traffic, not to mention other potential networks you can create out of your social media account.Video marketing. Although this requires some skills on creating and editing videos, this is another effective free online marketing strategy you can always use. Creating videos today is a lot easier and cheaper. You may already have what you need: computer, video editing software that is free to download, and anything that can be used to shoot videos (cellphone, webcam, laptop with webcam, digicam or video cam). You can post videos on YouTube that are related to your business. And since many people look for information online, they will most likely come across your videos when searching for your business or something similar to your business.Viral marketing. This is another free marketing strategy you can use. Essentially, viral marketing is word-of-mouth marketing that rides on a thought-provoking material to succeed. Succeed in viral marketing and you gain short-term and long-term business gains.