Internet Marketing Can Be Like Flypaper – Don’t Be the Fly

The allure of working from home and making a six-figure salary is very strong and savy Internet Marketers know this. The problem is that many people who succumb to the magnetism of Internet marketing promises fall prey to unscrupulous marketers. Not everyone in Internet marketing is out to con you out of your money, but there are quite a few. Some legitimate programs offer you the basics on how to get started in Internet marketing for a reasonable amount of starting capital and provide you the tools or direct you to the tools you need to run a successful on-line business. Many of the tools needed to run an on-line business can be found for free or for little money but trying to find them on your own can be like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. Sorting through all of the disinformation on the Internet can be incredibly time-consuming and ultimately lead to frustration. When evaluating an on-line marketing opportunity keep these guidelines in mind.The ad reads “I made $100,000 in my first month.” WARNING, in all probability this is a lie. Unless the individual making the statement tells you he has been in Internet marketing for many years and has the proof to back it up, navigate away from this ad and never look back. There are many people who can make that kind of money and I know personally of one person who made $36,000 in about 3 hours, but he has been in marketing for over a dozen years and has a mailing list with over 2 million people on it. He also has a reputation of providing high-quality products and has spent years building that rapport with his e-mail clientele. I know of no one, without any prior Internet marketing experience, just starting out in their first month, that has ever made $100,000+. If you fall for this ad, you’re stuck in the flypaper.The ad reads “it’s completely automatic, just set it and forget it” or something very similar. “DANGER WILL ROBINSON.” Most likely this ad is misleading or completely false. Internet marketing takes time and work, yes, I said work. Once you get your Internet infrastructure in place and establish a reputation or advertise with someone who has an established reputation, a very good income can follow but getting to that point takes time and effort. The Internet is constantly changing and competition for your Internet demographic dollars is fierce. You need to stay on top your game and as the Internet evolves you need to as well. If you fall for the “effortless riches” marketing ad, you’re stuck in the flypaper.The ad reads “so-and-so’s Internet marketing program is a scam, click here to find out why”. TREAD VERY CAREFULLY. Many unscrupulous Internet marketers use this technique to drive people away from legitimate sites that may have very useful programs to sites that they support, own or have an affiliation to. If this ad was on TV would you buy the product? Bashing the competition is highly frowned on in real world marketing and advertising campaigns, and has led to successful litigation against companies doing the bashing. It seems to have taken hold on the Internet as an easy way to drive buyers to a site. If you have a legitimate product that will help people and provide a service that they value, there is no need to bash anybody else, your product will stand on its own. If you fall for this ad, you’re stuck in the flypaper.The ad reads “Only 100 spots/products are left, act now”. CAUTION, navigate away from this ad immediately, bookmark it in your browser and don’t come back for three to four days. When you return to the site, check to see if the product counter or ad has changed. If it has not, you can surmise two things 1) the product is not selling well and your money is best spent somewhere else 2) The claim of only 100 products left was a lie to build a sense of urgency. Legitimate Internet marketers don’t use this type of advertising or if they do they will put a real-time counter in their HTML code for the web site, think Home Shopping Network, when the product’s gone at that price — it’s gone. If you fall for this type of ad, you’re stuck in the flypaper.The ad reads ” was 200, 149, 100, 49 and now just $19.95″. CAREFUL. In the digital age anyone can create virtually unlimited copies of a product and if it’s a product that your own “sweat equity” went into, you can charge anything you want for the product if the market will bear it. Don’t be lured into buying a product because you see dramatic discounts. Evaluate the product offering. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller for more information prior to purchase and make sure there is a satisfaction or money back guarantee. Always read the income disclaimer at the bottom of the Internet Marketers ad and if there is no income disclaimer, don’t buy the product. If you buy the product merely because you see deep discounts, you’re stuck in the flypaper.And now perhaps the worst Internet Marketing trap out there. Have you ever gone to a website, entered your email address, gone three links deep, watched two videos on how much people have made and read all the testimonials only to be asked for X amount of dollars to have the “Secret” of the proven system finally revealed after you pay? After spending 5, 10 or even more minutes on the site – you still have NO idea what the product is their selling! Why would you buy it? If you fall for this Internet Marketing trap – you’re stuck in the flypaper.As I said before, there are many Internet Marketing programs that are very good but it takes time and research to ferret them out. Many can cost several thousand dollars and some are free. The main difference between them is content amount and quality. One program, in my opinion, provides more value than the associated monthly fee.